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Java Sec 2-1 Project 2a
August 16, 2018
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Java Section 1 Project 3
August 16, 2018


Data Structure Classwork


Create a public static Tools class with at least one public static method named Tokenize. The Tokenize method must accept two string parameters: the first is the string to be “tokenized” while the second is a string containing all delimiters to be used in the process. The Tools class can have as many other public and private static methods (such as PressAnyKey, WelcomeMessage, GoodbyeMessage, etc.) as you wish.

For the purpose of this task, the tokens should include all of the located delimiters except the space and all of the “words” between delimiters. Discard leading and trailing spaces at each stage, if any.

The Driver class will demonstrate the Tokenize method by inputting a string of arbitrary length, applying the Tokenize method to the string using a blank space and the punctuation marks and mathematical operators on a typical keyboard as delimiters. The resulting array of tokens should be displayed one per numbered line.

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